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Engineer MILLIERY Olivier


I like to think of myself as a person in constant search of new stimuli, curious and interested. I make my work one of my passions, combined with that of traveling to discover new countries, languages ​​and cultures.

In my work I try to wisely mix the art of engineering with that of architecture in search of forms that can excite and amaze those who live them, based on the simplicity of shapes and colors. Among my favorite artists I mention Piet mondrian, Vasilij Kandinskij, Keith Haring as well as architects Richard Meier, Herzog & de Meuron, Calatrava.

"Architecture begins where two stones are carefully superimposed. (Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe)"



Graduated as surveyor in 2004 at the technical institute for surveyors in Aosta.

Master's degree in Building Engineering on 14.12.2010 at the Politecnico di Torino with a thesis entitled "Energy recovery and adaptation of a public housing building in Aosta". Speakers: Prof. Arch. Caterina Mele and Prof. Ing. Vincenzo Corrado.

Qualified to practice the profession at the Polytechnic of Turin in the first session of the year 2012 and enrolled in the Professional Register of Engineers of the Valle d'Aosta from 14.11.2012 with the number 721.

Qualified in 2015 to practice as an engineer in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland.



2004 - 2010 I collaborate with various professionals in the field of structural engineering, deepening the knowledge in the design and construction management of the same and developing advanced knowledge in the monitoring of structures through static and dynamic tests.

2012 - IDEALAB Fund, engineering, design and architecture studio and laboratory

born in Aosta on January 20, 1985

CF MLL LVR 85A 20A 326T

Resident in Avise

Mobile: 347.640.17.00



VAT number: 01176040077

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